Comprehensive Capital Strategies For Corporations And Institutions

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At KickPoint Financial, we are solely focused on your goals and what it takes to achieve them. The KickPoint experience is client-driven; each solution is unique, flexible, and objective.

Risk cannot be separated from the investment process and return cannot be separated from planning. Proper management when paired with sound and disciplined guidance should open multiple paths to financial success. At KickPoint, planning begins with an in-depth understanding of your goals and what it means to be successful. Let us create a long-term, sustainable plan with uncompromised flexibility to serve as your guide to financial success. Our portfolio management process is specifically designed to act as a seamless and synergistic component of the KickPoint experience. In order to achieve one’s financial goals, it is paramount to receive the maximum benefit of one’s financial assets.

KickPoint provides complementary, data-driven reviews of financial statements and asset/ investment managers, as we seek to maximize the utility of your financial assets. Uniquely equipped to financially consult, collaborate, and/or manage, KP seeks goals-based synergies and efficiencies across assets, liabilities, and relationships. Are you getting the most out of your financial relationship?

Our mission is simple: to establish and exceed your definition of financial success. From working with internal/ external managers and advisors on various platforms to turnkey asset management, KickPoint Financial offers a client-centric experience that is unparalleled in investment management and the wealth management space. Do more with more.